Mentors have played a profound role in shaping me to become the person I am today. The gift of working with mentors is the ability to access worlds or libraries of information and wisdom from people with real life experiences. My best mentors weren't the ones that told me what to do, they're the ones that inspired the ability to think for myself, they challenged me to be and express more of who I really am. That's the kind of mentor I aspire to be.


I don't promise to have the answers you're looking for but I may be able to guide you to a space where you can find the answers for yourself. 

The Foundations

Image by Prateek Gautam

Inner World

What makes you who you are? Why?


Your inner world consists of your thoughts, feelings, perception of the external world and how you process it all.


Exploring your inner world is an exciting journey that is incredibly powerful and critical for achieving the life you want. 

Healthy Food


How do you nourish yourself? 

Image by Gabriel Jimenez


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